What’s new in Angular 10…?

The last month gets new version release Angular 10.0.0 only 4 months after version 9 of Angular, Lets see whats new features are available to use:


  1. New Date Range Picker

New Date Range Picker

Angular material now includes new date range picker, here you can select start and end date.

New date picker image by Angular

Strict Mode

It provides you strict flag at the time of creation new project and using that we will get code maintainability and able to catch bug ahead of time.

ng new --strict
  • Reduced bundle size by~75%

Default Browser Changed

Angular decided to officially deprecate support for IE 9, 10 and Internet Explorer Mobile.Developer don’t have to worry about to do old browser support 🙃.

Typescript Updates

To stay up to date with typescript latest libraries upgrade support to TypeScript 3.9, TSLib 2.0, and TSLint 6.
In Layout added new tsconfig.json file to support of IDE’s and build tooling resolve type and package configurations.

Warnings about CommonJS imports

This features notifying to developer when dependency packaged with CommonJS results in larger and slower applications, allows to developer to changed ECMAScript module bundle.

CommonJS dependencies can cause optimization

How to upgrade?

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

You can read more updates here Updating to version 10 guide.

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