What’s new in Angular 10…?

The last month gets new version release Angular 10.0.0 only 4 months after version 9 of Angular, Lets see whats new features are available to use:


  1. Strict Mode
  2. Default browsers changed
  3. Typescript Updates
  4. Warnings about CommonJS imports

New Date Range Picker

New date picker image by Angular

Strict Mode

ng new --strict
  • Reduced bundle size by~75%
  • Strict Mode enabled in Typescript
  • App configure as side-effect free to enable tree-shaking
  • Turn on linting rule
  • Turn on template type checking strict

Default Browser Changed

Typescript Updates

Warnings about CommonJS imports

CommonJS dependencies can cause optimization

How to upgrade?

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

You can read more updates here Updating to version 10 guide.

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